Authorities intimidate pro-active social network users

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Belarusian law enforcement agencies keep harassing Internet users, expressing their alternative views in social networks services.

Homel activist Piotr Filon was detained by local police after he posted an appeal to the KGB agents in his social network account. “Comrades Officers, I am going to quit the job anyway. So I am asking you not to ruin my life and the lives of my relatives”, wrote Piotr Filon, adding a short post to invite his friends to a meeting, which was reportedly treated as an appeal to hold an unauthorized rally.

As a result, Piotr Filon was fined BYR 105,000.

According to another Homel civil activist Piotr Kuzniatsou, the incident is linked to Piotr Filon’s active civil stand.

Simultaneously, Mahiliou police addressed a warning to Nasta Valavikova, participant of the “Revolution through Social Network” online campaign, for alleged dissemination of appeals to take part in the forthcoming “silent protest” on 29 June.

The activist was warned of possible prosecution, which may result in a fine or an imprisonment for up to 3 years.

According to Nasta Valavikova, a friend of her was also warned by the police.