Zmitser Bandarenka needs urgent surgery

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A specialist examined the seriously ill political prisoner at last, for the first time in 5 months.

Zmitser Bandarenka's wife received a letter from her husband. The coordinatior of the civil campaign "European Belarus" wrote that a neurologist had at last examined him, for the first time in five months, in connection with serious spine problems.

"I've just consulted a doctor. Neurologist - a very nice lady, and I felt she was a professional. The Interior Ministry gets another point for humanism - they provided a doctor's consultation within a week, while the KGB had only promised to do that during 5 months. I am not very well. The doctor said : "You need surgery, but so far my recommendation to you is to work out your foot. Anyway, I am impressed that someone treated me like a patient", — Zmitser Bandarenka wrote.

Let us remind you, Bandarenka has 4 spine discs hernias, 3 spinal nerves are impacted. He may lose the ability to move without an urgent surgery, informs the web-site of the "European Belarus".