Deputy Chair of Barysau District Executive Committee disrupts seminar in Zhodzina

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 28 April the Zhodzina police took participants of the seminar on regional development to the Zhodzina Town Police Department and demanded written explanations. According to a Barysau democratic activist Siarhei Salash, the seminar was disrupted on order of Valiantsina Shutko, Deputy Chair of the Barysau District Executive Committee.

At first, the authorities disrupted the seminar on regional development in Barysau, which was to have been held with participation of Barysau democratic activists and Ukrainian experts. The following day the seminar was to have taken place in Zhodzina, but was disrupted again. Later it was held in Minsk, without any problems.

According to Salash's information, Valiantsina Shutko also insists on the dismissal of one of the activists whom she considered to be an organizer of the event.

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