Wife of presidential candidate Mikhalevich is ‘asked’ not to go to Warsaw. Their apartment searched again today

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The arrested ex-presidential candidate Aleiaksei Mikhalevich called his wife on the phone yesterday. It happened at about 7 p.m., says Milana Mikhalevich. He warned her not to speak at the hearings in the Polish Seym. According to her, ‘it was his voice but the words he used were not his’, informs Nasha Niva

He asked Milana ‘not to go to Brussels’. ‘If you behave correctly and don't go to certain places you will have an opportunity to hear my voice once again this week’, he said.

‘I couldn't recognize my husband’, said Milana nearly crying. ‘It was his voice, but the manner of speaking wasn't his’.

The third call came in a certain time.

‘Forgive me, sunshine, I made a mistake. Not Brussels, but Warsaw,’ said Mr. Mikhalevich.

According to Milana, it was clearly heard that a man was standing nearby prompting her husband what to say. ‘It's better not to go’, she heard distinctively. 

‘I asked questions, he kept silence’, says Milana. He said though he knew that Rymasheuski had been released. To the question concerning rather strange transfers from the KGB prison to the detention center at Valadarski Street and back, Aliaksei Mikhalevich only said ‘I left some things in the KGB prison’.

‘What will they do to you if I speak up?’ Milana asked her husband in the end of the conversation.

‘They won't make things worse than they are now’, sighed Ales. ‘If you have no information about me within this week, do whatever you can,’ he managed to add. Milana Mikhalevich was thinking the whole night and decided to go to Warsaw and to speak there. She said she had discussed some measures of personal security with her relatives during the night. Milana is forced to take her youngest daughter, who is only 1 year old, with her to Warsaw. 

Milana Mikhalevich said that she had discussed her possible visit to Warsaw to participate in the hearings via skype and also by phone. She is going there upon the invitation of the Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Today no one answers the telephone number from which Aliaksei called yesterday. It is a stationary phone number, registered at the KGB office's address. 

It looks like the KGB has a task to break up the accused and their relatives. Some were released under a non-leave obligation and others are tempted by such an opportunity. Milana Mikhalevich is the member of the public committee Release, organized by the political prisoners' relatives.

Today the Belarusian KGB also staged the third search in the Mikhalevichs’ apartment. It can be aimed at impeding the visit of Milana Mikhalevich to Warsaw (the conference she intends to part in is scheduled for 13 January).