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We invite You to join the Action “A Christmas Card for the prisoners”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Famous Belarusan rock-musician Lavon Volski and human rights center “Viasna” address all famous people – leaders of public opinion both in Belarus and abroad. They ask musicians, writers, poets, artists, sportsmen to congratulate the imprisoned after peaceful protests in Minsk on December 19 and send the prisoners Christmas cards. “You are famous people, so let’s make a Christmas miracle – lighten the cells in prisons!”.


Christmas cards can be sent to prison addresses and email Video and audio addresses are welcome as well.


The list of detainees can be found at It is constantly updated.


At the present moment it is known that the arrested are situated at law-offenders isolation center in Minsk and Temporary detention isolator in Zhodzina.


Postal addresses


220089, Minsk, Belarus

1-y zavulak Akrescina, 36

Law-offenders isolation center

Name, last name of detainee (can be seen at the list)


222160, Belarus

Minskaja vobl, Smalavicki r-n, Zhodzina,

Suchagradzkaja str. 1,

Zhodzina Dept of Internal Affairs

Name, last name of detainee (can be seen at the list)



Address of Lavon Volski.


Dear Friends and Colleagues!

Please join us in a humanitarian action that we are planning. Lots of people in Belarus have landed up in prison on the very eve of Christmas and the New Year. They were arrested for taking part in a protest action on one of the squares of Minsk. They are doomed to spend Christmas and the New Year behind bars. Let’s try to brighten up their grey surroundings a bit. Let’s send them Christmas cards! Let’s send the cards to individual people; each one of them has a name, a job or place where they study, each of them has a loved one. Please choose one particular prisoner to send your card to, then go ahead and write it! Only, please, no outbursts of emotion, no pathos, no tears. If you’re in prison you have enough to deal with without that! Let’s greet our prisoners with joy and faith in a brighter future. Your names are familiar to many. So let’s get together and work a real miracle at Christmas: let’s bring some light to the darkness where our prisoners are!

Lavon Volski and the group Krambambula


* * *


Address of human rights center “Viasna”



HRC “Viasna” greets the initiative of the rock-musician and asks to join the send-a-greeting action all people. Web site contains names of the arrested, though this list is incomplete yet as it is hard to get necessary information. The list is constantly updated. In the coming days we hope to have a more updated version of the list. Then we can exactly define where to send the cards.


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