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Hundreds of detainees stand closed-door trials.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Minsk Pershamaiski District Court

15.45 First convicts reported:

Some 15 detainees were sentenced to 10 days in prison each, except for Mr. Khamichenka, who received 15 days of imprisonment. A number of verdicts are still unknown. The majority of sentences were pronounced by Judge Ryvinskaya.


Minsk Tsentralny District Court

8 persons stood trials and were sentenced to 10-15 days in prison. Mr.Malaletkin was fined BYR 1,050,000.


Minsk Partyzanski District Court

Aliaksandr Apranich was sentenced to 15 days of imprisonment


Minsk Leninski District Court

5 persons stood trials. Two of them were sentenced to 10 days of imprisonment each. The rest of the verdicts are unknown.


Minsk Zavodski District Court

Out of 12 detainees, 10 persons were sentenced to 10 days in prison and 2 youths received huge fines.


Minsk Maskouski District Court

According to unofficial data, 41 detainees stood trials this morning, the verdicts still unknown.


Minsk Kastrychnitski District Court

6 police buses full of detainees have reportedly been taken to the courtroom to stand trials.

89 persons received various sentences, the majority sentenced to 10-15 days in prison.


Minsk Savetski District Court

Yauhen Boika stood trial, the verdict unknown.


Minsk Frunzenski District Court

19 detainees were sentenced to fines and imprisonment, including a Russian national Alexey Yevdokimov.


12 more detainees stood trials on 21 December and were sentenced to various termas of administratuve arrest (10-15 days).

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