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Biaroza: workers are taken to precincts during working hours

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The town authorities haven’t invented any new techniques of early voting: workers of the local enterprises are still driven to the election precincts by busses so that they could vote early.

The general manager of the open joint stock company Biarozabudmateryialy, deputy of the Brest District Council Mikalai Zhuk was the first to implement the order of the state vertical. At the yesterday’s council he ordered his subordinates to take the workers to the election precincts on 14 December.

This order was implemented. For instance, at 11.15 a green bus arrived to the electoral precinct #10, which is located in the gym of Biarozabudmateryialy. 10 workers went out and made their way to the electoral precinct. Another bus arrived there a bit later. Three women in expensive fur coats came out. One of them confessed that the administration had ordered them to vote early, but she wasn’t against it, as she would go to the country on the Election Day, 19 December.

Other workers of Biarozabudmateryialy stated that the administration threatened to deprive them of the wage bonuses for refusing to vote early.

According to our information, the organized delivery of workers of the open joint-stock company Biaroza Engine Repair Plant to electoral precincts has been organized as well.

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