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Internet filtration begins

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On 1 September the Belarusian internet providers launch the systems that will restrict the public access to certain internet resources.

According to an order of the Operative-Analytical Center of the President and the ruling of the Ministry of Communications of 29 June, the internet providers are obliged to restrict access to information for the state agencies and organizations of education and culture. All other groups of users can make special requests for it.

Falling under the ban are:

extremist materials,
information about unlawful trade of firearms and ammunition,
propaganda of violence.

The black list of internet resources is composed by the State inspection on electronic communications on the basis of decisions of the heads of the State Control Committee, the General Procuracy, the Operative-Analytical Center, and the republican organs of the state government.

The banned information will be filtered irrespective of the location of the listed resources and the kinds of access to the internet.

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