Salihorsk: ‘Young Front’ activists to be tried for 27 July action as well

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On 27 July members of the Salihorsk Young Front organization intended to hold a traditional contest of asphalt drawings dated to the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. However, one of them, Ivan Shyla was detained at his first attempt to take chalk in his hand.

According to Mr. Shyla, five more activists were detained: Ryhor Astapenia, Siarhei Heranovich, Illia Nahorny, Andrei Tychyna and Aliaksei Valabuyeu. The police guarded them to the police station and drew up violation reports under Article 23.34, ‘violation of the order of holding mass actions’. Then the detainees were released. Now they are awaiting the trial. ‘We didn’t even draw anything on the asphalt as the police warned that anyone who would take chalk in his hand would be detained. However, six out of several tens of action participants didn’t believe these words completely. However, the police kept their promise and we were detained for holding pieces of chalk in our hands.’