Procuracy sees no reasons to bring a criminal case concerning beating of Zmitser Parmon

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zmitser Parmon, an activist of the BPF Youth, has received from the Tsentralny District Procuracy of Minsk an answer to his request to bring a criminal case against the policemen who had beaten him during the detention on 27 May.

Zmitser Parmon and his comrade Franak Viachorka were detained before a cycle race in honor of a Belarusian poet Maksim Bahdanovich. The both of them were beaten during the detention, as a result of which the former was later taken to hospital with the fracture of a clavicle and suffered a complicated surgical operation.

The procuracy ‘checked up’ the information that was presented in his complaint for quite a long time. Eventually, investigator A.Bachyla sent Mr. Parmon an answer that ‘the Tsentralny District Procuracy of Minsk checked up Your application of 9 July 2010 and decided to deny You in instigating of a criminal case because of … absence of corpus delicti’.

The answer also presents the testimonies of the policemen who had conducted the detention: Zhdanau N.H., Hradovich A.S., Lazutsin A.V., Liashok S.D., Sharedau A.P., Yakimau A.A. and Kasperski.Dz.H. All testimonies are almost identical. The investigation ‘sees no reasons to doubt in the explanations of these officers’ and considers the bodily injuries of Mr. Parmon as a result of his own negligence.

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