Incmaculada Gonzales: ‘Guy lost 40 kilos of weight in prison’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

late at night on 15 July, Guy Francois Toukam, the goalkeeper of the Norwegian futsal team IOF, got to Spain. The 1,5-month absurd imprisonment of a person who hadn’t done anything wrong finally came to an end.

We received a letter from his girlfriend, Inmaculada Gonzales.

’Dear Friends,


Toukam Francois Guy has been released today, and is flying to our home in Valencia (Spain)..

I want to congratulate you for the wonderful work you have done, and cordially thank for the aid that you have given to my partner.

He has told me by phone that he has lost 40 kilos of weight and the worst was the lack of water…

Thanks again, and remember that I want to cooperate with you.

Many kisses,


Live human rights!’

Bear in mind that the Cameroonian citizen Guy Francois Toukam, who had a Spanish residence permit, was detained by the border guards of the Minsk-2 airport on 1 July on suspicion in forgery of the passport. His Spanish girlfriend, Inmaculada Gonzales, struggled for his release for 90 days.

There are some questions in this case that need to be cleared out. For instance, according to the Cameroonian Embassy in Moscow, the documents confirming the identity of Mr. Toukam were sent to the Belarusian border guards on 28 June. Does the delivery of diplomatic correspondence from Moscow to Minsk take as long as two weeks? It is also unclear when the case of the Cameroonian was considered by court (he could hardly be deported without this procedure) and how the fine for crossing the border with invalid documents was paid then.

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