Astravets: civil activist Ivan Kruk demands to punish local officials

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Ivan Kruk

Ivan Kruk

Ivan Kruk, an activist of the For Freedom movement, lodged complaints with the Chairperson of the Hrodna Region Executive Committee and the Hrodna Region Procuracy a complaint concerning violations that were committed by the local officials who had headed the Astravets Town Election Commission during the latest election.

Mr. Kruk states that the members of the election commission Svila and Zimnitski forged the electoral documents to prevent him from running at the election. This happened on the stage of verification of citizens’ signatures in support of registration of his candidacy. When Mr. Kruk presented citizens’ statements in which they confirmed having signed in his support, the authorities composed on him an administrative report for ‘dissemination of libels’.

According to the complaint, three more pretenders were denied registration in the Astravets district, which resulted in non-alternative election to the Astravets District Council of Deputies in all constituencies.

Mr. Kruk also points that a member of his initiative group, Natallia Klimovich, was forced to resign from the Astravetskaye farm because of her active civil position.