Amnesty International’s Report is a signal for Belarusian authorities, say human rights activists

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Belarusian human rights activists say that the annual Report 2010 released by the Amnesty International human rights organization is a grave signal for the Belarusian authorities to promptly start the liberalization of the national legislation and bring the means of its implementation in accordance with the international standards in the field of civil and political rights.

‘Such a close attention to Belarus is to a certain degree a signal for the Belarusian authorities. Amnesty International is a purely nonpolitical and neutral international human rights organization. And their attention to the issues of the death penalty, tortures and political prisoners in Belarus is a grave signal for the Belarusian authorities. It suggests that something should be done, otherwise it will be difficult to speak of the improvement of the reputation of the Belarusian authorities on the international level,’ says Ales Bialiatski.

According to chair of the Human Rights Center ‘Viasna’, the authorities should review their approach to the situation in the field of peaceful assembly and manifestations, the freedom of speech, and the overall situation in the country, starting with holding free, open and transparent elections.

The Amnesty International’s Report 2010 mentions the death penalty, freedom of assembly, prisoners of conscience, and violence against women as Belarus’ main human rights abuses. It also draws attention to the numerous obstacles the Belarusian ‘civil society organizations faced in registering with the authorities before being permitted to operate.’      

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