Iryna Khalip: "It's high time to finish all this story"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A journalist Iryna Khalip was interrogated in the police department of Pershamajski district today.

First Puseu, interrogating officer from Homel, familiarized her with the results of the expert examination of the notebook sezied from her place during a search on March 16.

Police experts have found out that cryptographic software was installed at the computer, and the computer also had programs for communication. The expert could not have access to mailboxes of Khalip as "it is necessary to know passwords for that", as the expert wrote.

However, the notebook was found a physical exhibit, Puseu said, and it was made a part of the criminal case materials. We remind that Iryna Khalip is a witness in the criminal case concerning defamation of a KGB colonel Ivan Korzh. Last week Natallya Radzina, Svyatlana Kalinkina, Maryna Koktysh were interrogated as witnesses in the case. During the searches on March 16 their computers and data carriers were seized as well. Natallya Radzina was beaten.

After reading the conclusion of the experts and the notification that the notebook would be added to the materials of the case, Puseu questioned Iryna Khalip. As said by the journalist, he was mostly interested by professional activities of Iryna, and by functioning of and "Belarusian partisan" websites:

-- They were interested by details of my work: which topics I cover, how and where I publish my articles, and what is my relation to Charter'97 and Belarusian partisan websites. He also asked how articles appear at websites at all, and what for cryptographic software is needed by me, Iryna said. -- Very many questions about that were asked, from different aspects. I wanted to clarify, what for? And Puseu said proudly that every investogator has own interrogation technique.

In the end of the interrogation it was said that the journalist is unlikely to get her computer back, as every computer has something that could "have relation" to this case. However, even if this "something" exists, it is not possible now to turn any of witnesses to accused.

-- To my mind, investigation has come to the deadlock, as interrogating officer Puseu is expected to find "something, but no one knows what". Most likely, something which would make it possible to push us away from the profession, and make us busy with other things: lawyers, attending courts, writing cassation appeals and so on. It is obvious that nothing inetersting for Korzh personally has been found in our computers. And they have snatched everything they could from us already.

In general, it's high time to finish all this story: the long investigation has made a conclusion that confiscations, searches and summons for interrogations have not interrupted our work, and I can even say we have become even more enthusiastic," Iryna Khalip said after today's interrogation.

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