KGB interested in Homel member of Young Front

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A Homel member of 'Young Front'  Antos Nazaranka (2-year student of law faculty of Francysk Skaryna state university) has been summoned for an interrogation in KGB today, on May 20. The press secretary of 'Young Front'  Stanislau Stesik has informed ERB about it.

Stesik: "He was summoned to the dean’s office when he was at university for a prevention conversation with KGB. However, the conversation took place in the deputy dean’s office without any of its representatives – there were only two KGB members and him”.

The KGB members were interested in the activities of 'Young Front' in Homel. The guy refused to talk without any summons or looking through their IDs. However the strangers who said they were KGB members started threatening him that he would encounter problems in his studies if he didn’t speak to them.

Antos Nazaranka was detained on April 26 and fined for 600 thousands on May 19 for pasting Young Front's agitation leaflets.

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