Miron's identity not established by court

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Judge Uladzislau Shyrokau suspended consideration of the case of Vitsebsk-based oppositionist from Vitsebsk, Barys Khamajda, who had been charged with hanging a white-red-white flag.

As infromed by Radio Svaboda, the report on petty hooliganism was suspended as there were no proofs of Barys Khamajda's guilt.

As informed by "Radio Svaboda", the report on petty hooliganism of Barys Khamajda was drawn up on February 15, two days after the unknown, Miron, placed a white-red-white flag on the electricity transmission line over Western Dzvina, between the bridges of Kirov and Blokhin. Then policemen said that they had a witness of the "violation".

Today in the court of Chyhunachy district Barys Khamajda listened to his testimony.

"The witness stated that he and his friends were standing uncorking a bottle. They wanted to start drinking and suddenly noticed two persons walking on the opposite bank of the river. A flag suddenly appeared," Barys Khamajda said after the court. "The judge asked again: "Have you been drunk?" "No, they said. We haven't started drinkning. But it is that man for sure, I have recognised him". And he pointed at me. I said: "Listen, how could he see me, when I alledgedly was on the opposite bank?" And the judge said: "It's true, it is hard to see faces of fishermen when they are on the opposite bank of Western Dzvina".

Judge Uladzislau Shyrokau decided that such a testimony cannot be called a proof of the oppositionist's guilt. And dismissed the case of Barys Khamajda.

We remind that for many years white-red-white flags appear in Vitsebsk. They are hanged by a legendary Miron. Nobody knows who Miron is.