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State media reluctant to provide timely information on elections in Baranavichy

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Nash Krai Baranavichy state-owned newspaper fails to publish information on the forthcoming elections in due time, thus blocking the work of numerous persons, involved in the election campaign.
On 19 February a special meeting of the town territorial electoral commission registered the candidates’ initiative groups. However, no representatives of the candidates or the press were invited to the meeting. The town executive committee also failed to publish within 4 days after the meeting the list of registered initiative groups, as provided by the current electoral legislation.
Apart from that, the new version of the Electoral Code is still unavailable at the town’s bookstores, causing difficulties to the candidate’s activities, e.g. Ryhor Hryk, running in constituency # 15, together with his initiative group members are unable to arrange efficient collection of signatures. The initiative group’s head Viktar Sysrytsa lodged a complaint with the Central Electoral Commission, asking Mrs. Lidzia Yarmoshyna to exert her influence on local officials, so that Baranavichy candidates could use the new version of the Code, as provided by the law.
‘Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections’

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