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Persecution of “Borisovskiye novosti” goes on

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

While the editorial office is fighting for return of the licence for retail trade, regional authorities are creating bureaucratic hurdles for enterprises that want to sell the independent newspaper.

As the press-service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists was told by the editor-in-chief of “Borisovskiye novosti” Anatol Bukas, he concluded a realization agreement with a large new supermarket “Almi”. I the middle of the last week representatives of the supermarket contacted Barysau regional; executive e committee in order to find out which documents are necessary for approval of their range of goods, and among other items, “Borisovskiye novosti” newspaper. They were answered that “Almi” won’t get permission until a written approval of the Information Ministry for selling the newspaper received by them.

Not long ago the regional executive committee refused to approve the range of goods of “Vesta” supermarket, with which the editorial office of “Borisovskiye novosti” concluded a treaty a month and a half ago. At the same time, as said by Bukas, “Vesta” has 15 shops where “Yedinstvo” newspaper is sold (the founder of the newspaper is Barysau regional executive committee).