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Medical commission recognizes Franak Viachorka unfit for military service

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The medics found the forcefully drafted opposition activist has stage 2 hypertension with a risk to deteriorate to stage 3 hypertension.

The youth leader Franak Vyachorka stated in an interview to RFE/RL the medical staff in hospital had found ‘stage 2 hypertension with a risk of deterioration to stage 3’. Such disease gives one the right draft exemption.

According to the soldier, he was to be recognized unfit for military service. But on 14 December a medical officer told Viachorka the latter must discharge from hospital, though a consultation with a cardiologist was arranged for Monday.

The youth activist said that the previous diagnosis written in his medical record had been annulled and he was sent back to the army barracks.

Hypertension is a syndrome of high blood pressure. Depending on a stage of hypertension and risk factors, the disease may cause a stroke or heart attack in the nearest 10 years. Stage 1 hypertension allows serving in the army, but other stages give draft exemption.

Bear in mind that Franak Viachorka was unlawfully drafted into the army in January 2009. The so-called political drafting campaign against youth activists started in Belarus. Young oppositionists are drafted regardless of medical contraindications.

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