Prosecutor's office checks whether Belsat TV channel works in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The prosecutor’s office of Shklou studies the complaint by an engineer of a news paper plant against an independent Mahilyou-based journalist Henadz Sudnik.

As informed by Radio Svaboda, today Henadz Sudnik has been giving explanations to the prosecutor of Shklou’s prosecutor’s office.

The journalist was served a summons to the prosecutor’s office. The conversation lasted for about an hour. Henadz Sudnik called the complaint by the chief engineer a provocation.

“It is called there that I called him presenting myself as a reporter of Belsat TV channel, and allegedly asked about the state of the enterprise for a long time, and then our conversation appeared on the web,” the journalist said. “I told to the investigator, that I haven’t called the enterprise and do not know the chief engineer at all”.

The investigator told Henadz Sudnik that the prosecutor’s office of Shklou made an inquiry to the regional department of ideology work, whether such a TV channel, Belsat, exists. Ideologists said that the TV channel exists, but is not accredited in Belarus. There are no accredited reporters of that TV channel in Mahilyou region.

The investigator of the prosecutor’s office hasn’t said whether Sudnik would be summoned to Shklou again.

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