Supreme Court turns down Ales Mekh’s complaint

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The Supreme Court turned down the complaint of the ex-candidate to the Chamber of Representatives Ales Mekh against the unlawful dismissal from job.

In the answer of the Supreme Court, signed by the deputy head of the court Vyshkevich, it is stated that the court thoroughly studied and checked up Mekh’s arguments and concluded that the previous courts hadn’t violated the norms of material and process legislation, that’s why there were no reasons for protesting against their verdicts.

Bear in mind that the labor contract was not extended to Ales Mekh after he did not agree with the proposal of Kobryn branch of Beltrasgaz Halashka and the head of Kobryn KGB Basko to withdraw from the parliamentary elections. He recorded the talk with a voice-recorder, but the court ignored the evidence.

Now Mr. Mekh, a good specialist with two higher educations, can only appeal to the UN Human Rights Committee. He can’t find a job in Kobryn and Kobryn district.