‘Belposhta’ refuses to subscribe readers to independent press, referring to Constitution

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Three weeks ago a member of the council of the For Freedom movement Ales Zarembiuk received an answer to his address to A.Charniak, the head of the state monopolist on subscription Belposhta. In his address to the official Zarembiuk proposed that Belposhta returned the non-state newspapers Novy Chas and Hazeta Slonimskaya to the subscription catalog.

However, Belposhta refused to do it, referring to… the Constitution.

‘Article #58 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus says: ‘No one can be forced to implement the duties that are not provided by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and its laws, or to refuse from one’s rights’.

As long as the legislation does not oblige Belposhta to include the editions in its catalog, the choice of the editions for inclusion in the catalog with the aim of their further distribution by subscription is the right of the enterprise, which is realized by it in conformity with the legislation,’ runs the answer.

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