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Hunger-strike in Hantsavichy

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A resident of Hantsavichy Alexander Zanka has been sentenced to ten days of arrest for having allegedly insulted the headmaster of the local polyclinics Vasil Nestsiarovich and has gone on a hunger-strike under arrest.

Mr. Zanka was undergoing a medical commission at the polyclinics, where he was directed by the local center of social employment and which was necessary for getting a job at the local public utilities. However, the head of the public utilities, Viktar Berka, did not want to employ Alexander even despite the appropriate order from Hantsavichy district executive committee.

The polyclinics twice refused to issue to him the necessary documents. Only a complaint to the oblast health care department made the medics issue the papers. However, then the head of the polyclinics complained that Alexander Zanka had insulted him. On Friday the local court sentenced Zanka to ten days arrest, though he declared impeachment to the court and demanded advocatory services.

This fact can also be considered as a revenge from some officials of Hantsavichy, because a year ago Zanka’s father also went on a hunger-strike of protest against the self-will of the local authorities.

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