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“Petty hooligans” do not refuse from having rally

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

This morning, on December 18th, Brest regional court began another hearing of the cassation complaint on the case of “petty hooligans”.  
Let us remind you, Raman Kisliak, a Movement for Freedom activist from Brest, applied to Brest city executive committee for permission to hold a street “Petty Hooligans’ March”on July 30th . The action was planned to be held in the walking street downtown Brest. The activists planned to draw public attention to mass facts of administrative detentions and arrests of opposition activists on the charge of “petty hooliganism” on the eve of significant political events. The city executive committee banned the march. The authorities claimed, all mass events in Brest should be held at Lakamatyu stadium. The opposition activists decided to appeal against the decision. They claim, the stadium is defined as a place for holding all mass events, with the exclusion of demonstrations and street marches. The activists of the democratic forces considered the ban a violation of their constitutional right to peaceful assemblies and freedom of expression. Brest activists who put their signatures on the suit, who are 19, claim, this is not the first ban for mass actions by Brest authorities. 

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