Prosecutor's General office issues official warning for newspaper article

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The Prosecutor's General office handed over official warnings to Anatol Liabedzka, head of the United Civil Party of Belarus and Mikhail Pashkevich, head of the "Young Democrats" branch of the United Civil Party on December 16th, 2008.


The Prosecutor General believes that the politicians have certain relation to publishing and compiling "Glotok Svobody" non-registered periodical edition.


Mikhail Pashkevich told BAJ press service that the warning had been given to him and his colleague by Pavel Radzivonau, deputy head of department at the Prosecutor's General office.


The warnings are about articles 367 and 369 of Criminal Code (Defamation of the President and Defamation of the Republic of Belarus correspondingly) as well as on article 40 of the Belarus' Press Law (the responsibility to check the truthfulness of information, published in the media). The document was signed by Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Alaksei Stuk, who authorized mass searches in journalists' private apartments and offices in March 2008.


The politicians were told they could be prosecuted in case of repeated violation of the same legal norms.

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