KGB officers blackmail activist’s mother

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KGB officers threatened the mother of Young Front member Yulian Misiukevich with expulsion of her son from university if she refused to appear on BT state TV channel. 

On Friday, after detention of YF activist Yulian Misiukevich for distribution of newspapers, KGB officers who arrived to the police station called his mother and asked for a meeting. The next day the frightened woman came from her home-town of Lida in Hrodna region to Minsk.

During the meeting Mr. Piatrouski, or at least that was the way the KGB officer introduced himself, told the woman about the dangerous public activity of her son. He also told her he cold easily organize expulsion of her son from the BSU, where Yulian studied physics. The only way to avoid that, he said, was the woman’s appearance on the BT channel with the story of how her son had been misled into an “extremist organization”. The KGB officer even appointed the time and place of the shooting. The mother of Yulian Misiukevich refused to participate in the lies. 

Let us remind you, that blackmailing is a criminal offence. Besides that, it is an immoral and ugly deed, because only losers can blindside the women who worry about their children. 

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