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Minsk: celebration of ‘BelSat’ anniversary and ‘Clip Marathon’ are disrupted

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 14 December a festival Clip marathon of Belarusian video clips was to take place in Aquarium club. However, two days before the event its organizers had to cancel it.

The club’s direction showed the organizers the decision of the capital’s chief sanitary officer that the venue’s license is temporarily revoked because of the club’s failure to meet sanitary requirements. An advertisement appeared on the doors of the club that on 12-15 December renovation is to take place there. At re same time, the organizing committee has expressed a guess that the festival’s cancelation could be caused by political reasons.

On 12 December in the same club celebration of the anniversary of Belsat satellite channel is to take place there.

The organizers of the festival haven’t found another pace for it. Moreover, it is hard to find a place for it before winter holidays.

Holding the festival ‘Clip-marathon’ this year is linked with the anniversary of the Belarusian clip-making. 20 years ago Henadz Shuvahin made the first Belarusian music video for a song Hurrah by Bonda group. It had been planned that during the festival viewers would be offered more than 30 music videos created in 2007-2008 for Belarusian songs by Krambambulia, ZET, Krama, Palats, B.N., IQ48, Partyzone, Neuro Dubel and others. Viewers were to choose winners in different nominations.

Besides, the presentation of a DVD-collection of Belarusian music clips with 42 clips created over the last 20 years had been planned in the framework of the festival.

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