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Baran: total dactylography is going on

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Unknown persons in civvies continue taking workers’ fingerprints at state enterprises of Orsha district. The administration of the enterprises assists them in it. If somebody asks about the legal grounds for such actions, they are shown Xerox copies of an excerpt from the law where the words ‘liable for military service’ are underlined. Those who refuse to give their fingerprints are threatened with having troubles with their bosses. In particular, such cases have been registered today at the unitary enterprise Lios in the town of Baran.

Lawyer Uladzimir Labkovich comments: ‘Pitifully enough, this unlawful procedure has become mass-scale already. The organizations and persons who are dealing with total forcing to dactilography violate the present legislation of the Republic of Belarus. In particular, according to law On state dactylographic registration only certain categories of citizens can be drawn to this procedure against their will. Among them there are duty officials, people who mainly work in law-enforcement agencies, military servants, suspects and accused in criminal cases and those who are punished with administrative arrest.

The explanations on the basis of which the fingerprints are taken do not correspond to the official explanation of the law and even have the traits of falsifications during the use of copies of documents. It’s a pity that under the pretext of struggle against terrorism the enforcement of total control takes place in the country, which doubtlessly violates the legal rights and interests of citizens, whereas the prosecutor’s office pays no attention to it and drifts.’

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