Pressurization of member of ‘For Freedom’ movement

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Officers of law-enforcement agencies pressurize Siarhei Trafimchyk, a member of the unregistered movement For Freedom from the settlement of Biarozauka. On 12 December people in civvies paid a visit to his apartment. They tried to find out the reasons for his critical attitude to the authorities.

They came to his apartment without introducing themselves, put down Trafimchyk’s passport data, asked him about his family. They also asked where he was on 3 July, the day when a home-made bomb exploded during an official celebration. The activist of For Freedom considers such actions strange and does not rule out that they are aimed at psychological pressurization of him and his family.

The unidentified men also asked why Siarhei Trafimchyk, who works at the Nioman plant, refused to sign the labor contract and refused to give his fingerprints during the general fingerprinting of the plant workers. The activist refused to answer these questions. After this they ‘advised’ that he came to the police station and made a confession, which he also refused to do.