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Actions of Zhodzina human rights defenders evoked only positive emotions among citizens

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 10 December a number of festive actions dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were held in Zhodzina. Human rights defenders and civil society activists distributed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the streets, at the procuracy, at the executive committee, at the youth center, at a number of secondary schools, at the check-point of the Belarusian Automobile Plant. In some cases other informational materials were distributed as well. Color posters with description of all articles of the Declaration were presented to officers of the abovementioned state institutions.

These actions evoked only positive emotions among citizens, especially among workers, youth and children. Zhodzina dwellers paid a positively reaction to the event, agreed to take photos with participants of the action. They exchanged emotions and opinions, demonstrating a good understanding of the situation in the country.

Workers of the car plant and pensioners even started expressing their pretensions to the real situation of human rights in the country. Some citizens even refused to take the Declarations till they made sure that they were handed out by opposition activists.

It was an unexpected surprise for the representatives of the BPF Party in Zhodzina, Aliaksei and Sviatlana Lapitskis. Many people recognized Aliaksei, especially after his words: ‘This is the Declaration of Human Rights, please, read about your rights, learn them and demand their respect… love Belarus!’ People usually smiled and thanked. Some of them muttered: ‘You can hardly get these rights respected! Where have you seen them in our country? Don’t you know who’s at power…?’

Posters with the text of the Declaration were passed to the reception of the chairman of the executive committee of Zhodzina and to the executive officer Siarhei Konan.

At school #4 the posters were accepted by the schoolmaster. At the youth center such posters were presented to the headmaster, some workers and visitors.

An interesting incident (which can be explained by professional habits or banal ignorance) happened at Zhodzina procuracy, where posters were presented to the procurator Viktar Litvinenka. At first, the procurator said he wanted to put down the personal data of all persons who distributed such posters (as a result he put down Lapitski’s address only). Then he stated that it was FRENCH declaration. After getting explanations about the matter, he attentively examined the imprint of the poster. When the activists proposed that a poster was hanged in a well-seen and accessible place where it could be read by people, he said that he could decide it on his own, where such a poster could be hanged…

At the end of the day representatives of democratic circles celebrated in a friendly circle the jubilee of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the success of their actions. They got acquainted with some new people who came to the party, exchanged their impressions, information, talked about their interests, the perspectives of future contacts and cooperation. Everyone came home in a good festive mood.

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