Political activists who are banned to travel abroad bring complaints to Lukashenka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The protest rally of oppositionists who are banned to leave the country has taken place in Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk today.

At present the ban concerns five persons: Zmitser Dashkevich, Anton Koipish, Anatol Liabedzka, Mikhas Pashkevich and Franak Viachorka.

Oppositionists put on tablets with words ‘Banned to travel abroad on political reasons’ on, and went to Lukashenka’s residence. Later they passed a special address with a demand to allow them leaving the territory of Belarus and cancel the institution of persons banned to leave the country completely.

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka told Radio Racyja that the staff of the residence promised to pass the appeal to their administration.

‘We were invited to an office where two persons were sitting: Buko, the head of the chief directorate on work with citizens and legal entities’ addresses, and Katushkin, the head of the reception office. We talked to them, they even started to speak Belarusian, and it all was civilized, in an absolutely normal form.

We told them about the situation, and told that we wouldn’t like to receive some formal reply, signed by some official from Tsentralny or Savetski district. We told that it is a political affair; that its solution is in this building. They promised that our address won’t be forwarded to anybody,’ Anatol Liabedzka said.

The leader of the UCP hopes that there would be a result of the action, and in some time political prisoners would manage to go abroad.