Brest: policemen demand explanations from distributors of ‘Narodnaya Volia’

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On 9 December young activists handed for free the issues of the officially registered newspaper Narodnaya Volia for the last two months in Pushkinskaya Street in Brest. In such a way they tried to encourage people to buy the newspaper to buy the newspaper after its return to the newsstands.

A police patrol approached them almost immediately. The policemen checked the documents of Yury Bakur and Andrei Sharenda as well as the newspapers’ imprint. The guys were proposed to come to the police station for giving explanations, allegedly on the fact of their phoning to the police. As long as Narodnaya Volia is a legally registered newspaper and the distributors did not violate the public order, they refused to do it and continued handing out the newspapers. People were pleased to get them and reacted with indignation to the unsuccessful attempts of the policemen to cling to the activists.

For an hour the latter ones managed to hand out about 1 000 copies of the newspaper. Then the policemen managed to persuade them to give some explanations so that they could report to their bosses. Then they let the guys go.