Tax inspection prepares New Year surprise for Anatol Liabedzka

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The leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka received from the Ministry of Dues and Taxes the demand for ‘giving explanations’ within 30 days. According to this document, he must give written explanations about the financial sources from which he covered his expenses, including the dates, the way he received the money and the received sums. The demand is signed by the deputy head of the tax inspection, the head of the small business control department Dzmitry Saladukhin.

As it follows from the document, the tax inspection inspected all Liabedzka’s expenditures for the last 18 years. According to their results, in 2001 the politician spent 741 352 rubles more than he could from spend from his legal income. Now the tax officers demand that Anatol Liabedzka explained this fact.

Liabedzka is of the opinion that it is a politically ordered case. ‘I doubt that a normal person can tell what financial expenditures they had in 1990. Not only are the legal grounds for such a demand doubtful, but there is also a clear political motivation behind it. The corruption in Belarus would die within a month if Lukashenka controlled his own officials in such a way. However, we should expect that this senility will be getting stronger with time. I won’t be surprised if they demand explanations for the bread and sausages I ate in 1993, or receipts for the socks I wore out 15 years ago,’ he commented.