Barysau: provocation against civil activists

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Liudmila Salash, mother of the leader of Barysau organization of the BPF Party Siarhei Salash received a letter from the organized crime department of Barysau district executive committee a letter informing about instigation of a criminal case against the official of the local branch of the State Control Committee Auramenka and an entrepreneur Rybkin, after an anti-corruption letter, allegedly signed by her, the editor of the independent newspaper Borisovskiye Novosti Anatol Bukas and five more citizens, had been received by the executive committee.

Mr. Bukas has already paid a visit to the local KGB department and stated there that his signature under the document had been forged. Siarhei Salash also says that neither his mother nor him have ever signed such documents.

‘I am sure that it is a provocation against me. Somebody wants to embroil me either with entrepreneurs or state officials. According to unofficial information, the provocation could be staged by the town authorities,’ commented Mr. Salash.

Bear in mind that it is not the first provocation against the politician this year. Earlier an arrest was imposed on his parents’ apartment.