Astravets: police detain civil activists on the way to nuclear power station building site

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The leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka, a journalist Vadzim Kaznacheyeu and a leader of the youth wing of the UCP, ‘Young Democrats’, Alexander Serhiyenka, have been detained in Astravets.

‘We are at Astravets district police department now. The police officers have checked our documents, took written explanations from us and were going to release us when some officers of the local KGB came, which hindered our release. At present they are examining the car,’ said Anatol Liabedzka.

The police detained the politicians and the journalists at an exit from Astravets (Hrodna oblast). They were driving to the place where the Belarusian authorities plan to construct a new nuclear power plant.

Before their trip to the building site the activist distributed at Astravets market some agitation materials against construction of the nuclear power plant. They also distributed information about the entrepreneurs’ action of protest which is appointed on 10 December.