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Yauhen Afnahel questioned in a criminal case

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The activist of the civil campaign “European Belarus” was questioned in the Savetski district militia department of Minsk in a criminal case.

The oppositionist has recently received a summons saying he must appear in the Savetski district militia department “for investigation”. Similar notices were received by parents of the “European Belarus” activist. The notices didn’t contain information in what criminal case the Afnahel would be questioned.

Investigator of the Savetski district militia department Adzinets told to Yauhen Afnahel he was questioned in investigation of a theft criminal case. Allegedly one of the witnesses (a minor) identified the oppositionist as a man who might be involved in the crime.

Yauhen Afnahel explained to militiamen that on April 16, when the crime happened, he was near the Tsentralny district court of Minsk, where the notorious Process of 14 had begun. It should be reminded that actions of solidarity with people under trial were held near the court building. There are many witnesses who saw that the activist of the “European Belarus” spent most of the day near the court.

On a question, why his parents were called in, Yauhen Afnahel got an odd answer: the investigator said militia couldn’t find him for 6 months, so they decided to call his parents.

Investigator Adzinets said after the questioning he would “probably have questions” to the oppositionist.

“I don’t believe it was a pure accidence. To my mind, it is demonstration of the so called liberalization. I think a new campaign of opposition persecution began. Now criminal cases, allegedly having no relation to policy, will be instigated instead of political ones. They will later say these are not political prisoners but ordinary criminals”, Yauhen Afnahel told to the Charter’97 press center.

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