Teachers forced to join “Belaya Rus”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

All teachers of secondary school #32 in Brest must join the pro-governmental “Belaya Rus” (White Rus) party till the end of the month, the order “from above” says.

“At the end of the teacher’s meeting, school headmaster T. V. Mikhovich said that the number of members of the “Belaya Rus” party from our school #32 was too low and we failed to fulfil the plan. She showed a pack of paper and said that all teachers of history, Belarusian and Russian languages must have applied for becoming a member of the “Belaya Rus” on that day. And the rest of the teachers must join this party by the end of the month,” Katsyaryna, teacher of Brest secondary school #32, told to the press service of the “Young Front”.

According to her, the teachers were indignant with the order of the headmaster, but most of them decided to write applications.

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