Brest: procuracy does not grant Yauhen Skrabets’ complaint

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Recently the democratic activist Yauhen Skrabets has complained to the procuracy of Maskouski district of Brest about unlawful confiscation of printed editions, DVD disks and a computer hard drive during a search in his parents’ apartment.

The police officers had been allegedly looking for a stolen radio receiver. However, instead they confiscated the abovementioned items.

In his answer to the complaint the senior justice advisor L.Teadarovich wrote: ‘The confiscated items have the traits of crimes under article 361 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus ‘Calls to non-constitutional change of the political system of the Republic of Belarus or commitment of crimes against the state’ and article 368 – ‘defamation of the president of the Republic of Belarus’. The confiscated items have been passed to Brest oblast KGB department for being checked-up in conformity with the requirements of the criminal-process legislation.’

Yauhen Skrabets intends to appeal against the ruling of the procuracy.