Expelled pupil Ivan Shyla is not rehabilitated at school

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The judge Volha Prakapovich turned down the suit of Ivan’s father Uladzimir Shyla for finding the expulsion of his son from Salihorsk secondary school #4 illegal.

The second court sitting on this case took place on 31 October. Mrs. Kashtalian, new schoolmaster (the old one resigned as a sing of protest against the pupil’s expulsion) stated that Shyla Jr. had been expelled because of violations of the curriculum and non-implementation of his duties as pupil. The judge ignored the testimonies of the plaintiff and took the side of the school’s administration.

Bear in mind that Ivan Shyla, the deputy head of Salihorsk branch of the Young Front, had been expelled from school in June 2007, before his last exam. The expulsion has clear political motivation. Following this incident the schoolmaster Volha Sianko resigned to protest against the unfair treatment of Shyla (who demonstrated a good progress in his studies) while Alena Semchankova, The deputy schoolmaster on education was fired for ‘bad work’.

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