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Minster of Information didn’t like article about “elections” titled “Satan’s Ball” 1

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Editor and founder of “Borisovskie Novosti” newspaper Anatol Bukas sent a written explanation to the Ministry of Information in the connection with an article in his newspaper.

The Ministry of Information demanded that editor-in-chief of “Borisovskie Novosti” explained the context of the article “Satan’s Ball, or till the Third Coming of Huminski” about the results of the parliamentary elections in Barysau constituency #62 and possible violations at polling stations.

In view of Anatol Bukas, the local authorities, who didn’t like critical remarks of the article’s author, prompted the Ministry of Information what was worthy of its attention.

It will be known soon if the Ministry of Information is satisfied with the explanations of the editor of “Borisovskie Novosti”.

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