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“Borisovskiye Novosti” Facing a Defamation Case

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The «Borisovskiye Novosti» newspaper editorial has received a court claim from Viera Pratasievich, the local state-owned «Adzinstva» newspaper’s Editor-in-chief. (It should be mentioned that the periodical has been founded by Barysau District Executive Committee.)

The editor is urging to get 10 million Br from a «Borisovskiye Novosti» journalist Ihar Lednik and 20 million Br from the «Bukas-media» Unitary Enterprise as moral damages for an article «Pre-election Concoction, or Another Lie», published in «Borisovskiye Novosti» before the Parliamentary election.
The first court hearing will take place at 11 am on November 3, 2008.

The «Borisovskiye Novosti» founder and Editor-in-chief Anatol Bukas explained to the BAJ Press Service that the critical article appeared in response to a defamatory publication in the «Adzinstva» newspaper under the title «A Scenario with Money Injections, Or the Purposes for Using Grants» by Viera Pratasievich.

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