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Independent election observer fined 500 dollars in his absence

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Yelsk regional court fined an activist of the United Democratic Party and “parliamentary elections” observer Dzyanis Rabianok for alleged violation of the law on elections. He was fined 1 mln 50 thousand Belarusian roubles. It makes about 500 dollars.

Dzyanis Rabianok received a decree of Yelsk regional court by post. In the court decree it is stated that Mr Rabianok allegedly avoided appearance in court intentionally. He was greatly surprised by that.

“I even asked the postman not to put summons from a court, police or other institutions into the postbox, but to hand it to me or my family personally. I wanted to be present in court very much, to look into their deceitful eyes. The case is completely fabricated. Now much is said about a thaw in the relations with Europe, about some democratization. There is no democratization in our country. The regime is watching us and punishes all who are showing their political initiative in any way,” the activist said in an interview to Radio Svaboda.

Before the presidential elections Dzyanis Rabianok was summoned to Kalinkavichy prosecutor’s office, where he was interrogated by an assistant of Yelsk regional prosecutor Yury Kushnyaruk. He told to the activist that the prosecutor’s office initiated an administrative case against him on charges relating Article 9.10 of the Administrative Code.

The activist was charged with collection of signatures in Paleskaya constituency #43 in Yelsk in support of the United Democratic Forces candidate Mikalay Haurylenka, though he was not a member of an initiative group. The activist was allegedly indentified by a photo by two Yelsk women. Though Mr Haurylenka was nominated as a candidate through a party protocol, not by collection of signatures, the materials against Dzyanis Rabianok were sent to the court.

The court in absence of Rabianok took place on October 10. And the verdict was received by the activist only today. Now it is problematic to file an appeal against the ruling, as the 10 days period for that is over.

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