Mahiliou: ex-candidate proves the election was rigged

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A former candidate Aliaksei Paulouski has collected 234 signatures of electors by which they conform that they had voted for him at the election, whereas according to the official results there were only 174 votes in his support.

Having familiarized with the results of the election at precinct #85 of election constituency #51 in Mahiliou, Aliaksei did not believe what he saw: only 174 electors voted for him and 1079 – for the official candidate Yushkevich. Aliaksei Paulouski says it is impossible.

He decided to take signatures from those people who had voted for him so that everyone could understand how the election was really conducted.

‘People’s indignation was beyond description’, says Aliaksei. ‘Everyone understands he has been fooled. Soon I will direct the statement with signatures of 234 electors to the procurator’s office, the Central election commission and the OSCE.’

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