Krow: ‘Black lists have just changed their color’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Rapper Krow from Chyrvonym pa Bielamu band states that black lists have not disappeared, they… have just changed their color. ‘There are no blacklists any more, there are brown ones instead. Only some chosen persons, who have ‘repented’ have been crossed out from the lists that existed earlier,’ concluded the singer after sending his recordings to one of Belarusian radio stations.

‘More and more radio stations are being opened now. That’s why I have sent several tracks from the last ChpB album to an acquaintance of mine, who works at one of them. I tried to choose non-political ones, for the reasons you know. Several hours after it I received the following answer:

‘Hello, Krow. I listened to your songs and then had a talk with the director general. We cannot take them. You are, so to say, in a brown list, not in a black list, but… In other words, the Top insistently advises us against play your songs on air irrespective of the lyrics. Otherwise they will express their ‘concern’, ‘disapproval’ and than can use ‘sanctions’. That’s how it is.’

It seems that only those who have renounced their point of view and repented, have been excluded from the black list, while all others were just transferred to the brown one.

P.S.: I don’t write the acquaintance’s surname here so that he wouldn’t have any problems.

Krow for 'Tuzin Hitou' ('Hit Dozen')