Procuracy is not interested in falsification of elections

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The procuracy refused to consider the complaint of the secretary of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Dzianis Sadouski, ex-candidate at Masiukoushchynskaya electoral constituency #103. The day after the elections Sadouski directed to the procuracy the statements and acts about violations of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Belarus, which had been composed by him and his proxies.

On 9 October these documents were returned to Mr. Sadouski. The senior adviser of the procuracy of Frunzenski district of Minsk stated A.Svirydovich stated that they were submitted with ‘violation of the legal requirements’.

‘In my address I demanded that the investigation of the registered violations of the electoral legislation was conducted and the persons who falsified the elections were punished. I also demanded that a repeated voting was held. Instead I received a usual come-off that my complaint could not be considered for formal reasons. The lawlessness which could be observed during the elections continues at the procuracy’ stated Dzianis Sadouski.