Procuracy forwards journalists to KGB

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Recently Aliaksei Bely, member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, has received an answer from the procuracy of Minsk to his request for returning his property that had been confiscated as a result of a search on 27-28 March in his apartment, as well as in apartments and offices of many other journalists. The official reason for the search was a criminal case that had been brought in 2005 for defamation of the president by distribution of political cartoons on the web.

In the letter signed by an investigator Siarhei Ivanou it is stated that the property that has been taken away from the journalist, is at the KGB of the Republic of Belarus and can be returned only by them.’

‘The procuracy of Minsk has not imposed arrest on the property and the items that had been seized from you have not been attached to any criminal case as evidence’, writes investigator Ivanou.

The journalist considers the situation with the confiscated items absolutely abnormal. During the search KGB officers seized his computer and other things. ‘The search was conducted on errand of vice-procurator A.Stuk. Now the procuracy is trying to wash itself clean. If the procuracy ordered to seize some items from me, why doesn’t it order to return them to me?’ asks the journalist.

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