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Police detained a suspect in the case of Minsk blast

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The police have detained a citizen of Belarus who is suspected in relation to the blast that had taken place on 4 July in the morning in Minsk. Till lately, 21-year-old Alexander Koryk has worked at the Uladpradimpart enterprise.

Koryk was born in Berazino district of Minsk oblast and studied at Minsk State higher radio-technical college.

Alexander Huzau, a friend of Koryk’s with whom he rented an apartment, told the BelaPAN that Koryk had applied to the police on his own a fortnight ago, and told them about an incident that had happened to him one-two weeks prior to the explosion.

In Summer Koryk was working at the Uladimpart enterprise (he quitted in the middle of September). This enterprise imports various foodstuffs including the Sadochak juice, in a packet of which an explosive device was packed. One day A.Koryk was returning home after work in the Hyppo hypermarket. At a bus stop he was approached by unknown youngsters, who asked for cigarettes. They behaved inadequately. As a sign of gratitude they advised that he left, because Minsk will be exploded. After the 4 July explosion Koryk first told it to a friend, and then to the police.

Then, he was several times summonsed for interrogations. On 30 September A.Koryk was detained and placed to the Center for isolation of delinquents in Akrestsin Street.

As said by Alexander Lastouski, head of the department of information and public relations of the main police department of Minsk city executive committee, at present the detective measures are conducted, for checking the relation of the detainee to the crime.

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