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Total dactylography for Belarus?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the information received by Belarusian human rights activists from different parts of the country, the law machinery officers have started the procedure of general dactilography of males under the pretext of searching for an unknown man who had blasted a self-made explosive device at the official feast in the night of 3-4 July in Minsk.

In order to quicken the procedure, the police cooperate with military enlistment offices. Citizens are summonsed to military enlistment offices allegedly for specification of some information. There they are met by the police officers, who offer that they gave their fingerprints. In the majority of cases the people agree, because they don’t know that they have the right to refuse.

At present fingerprints are taken even from dwellers of villages. Queues have also formed in the military enlistment office in Orsha. It looks like the police are trying to collect for the future as much information about ordinary people as they can.

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