The parliament amends the Law on Procuracy

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The House of Representatives amended the Law on Procuracy of the Republic of Belarus according to which proficiency examination and practical training are not needed for work in procuracy.

MP Halina Mazurkevich asked Minister of Justice Viktar Halavanau what certain cases he meant. The minister explained: ‘Certain persons, who have considerable merits to the State, may be appointed to higher posts in prosecutor system without passing proficiency examination’, RFE/RL reports. The minister also admitted that amendments to the law do not forbid people without legal education to get job in procuracy. MP Mazurkevich commented this answer in such a way: ‘Dear colleagues, new vacancies open!’

It should be reminded that more that 70 members of the acting “house of representatives” were afraid to lose jobs in a month. Insecurity of the future made them apathetic. Journalists noticed: acting MPs were more anxious about their future than about the state governing. For example, on 2 October, when transition to a new system of income taxes, none of the deputies asked a single question to minister of finance Andrei Kharkavets. Journalists joked: ‘They don’t care about this, they will be retired soon’.

Acting MPs resented on the sidelines. One could hear: ‘We are offered something insulting’. They reminded that an MP-teacher was offered a post in the economic department of a ministry, and MP-agrarian was suggested to head a ... village council.

But there are no high posts for everyone. That is why, as Alexander Sasnou, former deputy of the 12th Supreme Council of Belarus, and acting minister of labor and social protection, only those MPs who gave no reasons to doubt in their allegiance to the head of state, can count on good positions.

‘The authorities have never let down its supporters. They have always done something for such people. Those, whom they dislike, were thrown out,’ Sasnou said.

‘What concerns our authorities, in my view, they don’t care about these MPs, except for some persons, who have entered the inner circle. They will be given everything, while the others will be thrown out into the streets. MPs understand it well and have done their best to enter the closed environment,’ remarked Alexander Sasnou.