Head of CIS mission lauds Belarus' vote

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Minsk, 29 September. Belarus' elections for the House of Representatives were "free and open," Sergei Lebedev, head of the CIS election observation mission, told reporters in Minsk on September 29.
The mission did not spot instances that could cast doubt on the legitimacy or democratic nature of the vote, he said.
Mr. Lebedev said that the mission had made conclusions based on its own observation, as well as materials and reports collected during its long- and short-term observation and submitted by election commissions, government officials and other international observers.
He said that local election commissions and the executive branch of government had created conditions in Belarus to allow "the maximum amount of political forces" to participate in the election process, and had ensured the protection and execution of voters' rights in accordance with national law.
"We think that the elections were held in Belarus at a high organizational level in accordance with electoral regulations in place in the country and generally recognized international standards for the conduct of democratic elections," Mr. Lebedev said. "The mission states that the elections were an important factor for the further democratization of society's life in Belarus."